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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my web site.  I'm guessing you are in the process of making significant changes in your life and wondering if coaching is the way to go.  You may be asking yourself, what can coaching actually do for me?  Is it worth the time and investment?   Here's some answers to these questions.  Sometimes the answer will be yes and sometimes no.  This is how the coaching process works.  You can then decide.

An ICF Certified Coach will use a methodology that is evidenced based to keep you moving towards reaching your goal.  The coach uses a structure and specific skills during each call that facilitates momentum towards acheiving your goal.  This happens through raising awareness into your blindspots and by keeping tight boundries so that you don't deviate from your path.

If you have ever driven a car you know about blindspots.  A blind spot can prevent you from seeing everything that is there. You don't see the whole picture and you make decisions based only on what you can see.  This same dynamic happens in life.  We make decisions with the information that we are aware of.  

A coach uses specific skills to increase your awareness.  Back to the car analagy, it is very clear why having a blind spot when changing lanes could create a problem!  Different decisions are made based on the information we have.  The awareness piece is just as important as the many other skills that coaches use to help you to stay in action.  The bottom line is coaching holds your agenda, increases awareness,
 keeps you in action and supports accountability -- the straight A's for your success.

I bring to you a unique perspective as a coach because coaching has been a fusion of my former and later careers -- navigating my way through corporate america and then helping people make positive changes in their lives as a counselor.

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