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How You Will Be Coached

Straight  A's of Coaching -- Agenda, Awareness, Action, Accountability and Achievement 

As an ICF - International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, my coaching adheres to the ICF ethical guidelines and compentenices.  The coaching methodology I use is backed by research and science.  I will help you to figure out if you have a goal that is best suited for coaching.   If you have a specific goal that can be measured in some way and you are able to articulate what you want to walk away with from our coaching together, it is a "coachable" goal.   You can expect that our coaching together will include the following areas..

A- AGENDA: During our coaching together my main goal is to  keep your agenda as a guide for the direction our coaching calls.  I take on this responsibility so you can have the space to learn and explore as needed.  I will keep us ontrack and hold your agenda. 

A-AWARENESS: I use several exercises and tools to increase your awareness into blindspots.  It is the blind spots that can keep us stuck.  You can't change behaviors that you do not realize are creating problems..

A-ACTION: Through the use of powerful questions and well researched skills and competencies, I can keep you in action.

A-ACCOUNTABILITY:  My role is to help you stay accountable.  We will figure out how to best keep you accountable so that you do what you say your are going to do.  This could be inbetween call emails, texts, or another method.  But we make sure we have an accountability plan.

ACHEIVEMENT:  Your chances of finding success is increased because in addition to coaching you, I also provide education (see behavioral coaching section) and other resources to help you be successful. I have decades of experience in helping people make behavioral changes by using evidenced based behavioral tools from behavioral sciences and positive psychology.  We attack obstacles from many directions!  

I provide coaching in the following areas and more:


Challenging Work Place Goals/Improvement Areas
Implementing Systems
Sales Challenges
Professional Development
Communication Skills
Managing Emotions
Achieving Balance
Health & Weight Issues
Organization & Productivity 

I offer sessions, both in-person and on the phone.  

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