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Fusing Business and Psychology

With compassion and understanding, I work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.

I'm a true believer in knowing what your strengths are and using them.  Personally, one of my top strengths includes creativity.  As I reflect on my career, I realized I never found a job in traditional ways.  In fact, a line I often hear in my life is "Well we usually don't do this or that but....".  In the past this made me feel a uncomfortable, like I was a not following "standard procedure" -- I guess I wasn't!  As I learned more about positive psychology, I learned that my top strength is creativity.  I naturally think outside of the box.  Having this information gave me a different perspective.  We all have strengths, and knowing your strengths and using them can help you navigate your life in many ways. 

As a coach I bring a unique skill set to my clients.  
My career began in the business world working for a Fortune 50 company for many years.  later, I pursued my interest in psychology, earning and M.A. In Psychology from Pepperdine University and an Ed.S. degree in Counseling from the Universitty of Florida.   As a therapist, I've always taken a solution focused approach with my clients and was fortuneate to watch change unfold.  I'm a proponant of positive psychology, which focuses on strengths and offers many scientifically studied tools to help people lead happier more fulfilling lives.  I use these tools myself and with my clients.  Many of these tools are also used in corporations throughout the world today.

Coaching evolved as I continued my quest for solution focused tools that people could apply to their lives to increase their happiness and utilize their strenghts towards their personal best.  
I've always had an interest to combine my experiences in business with my interest in psychology.   My goal is to use coaching as a vehicle to help people navigate their way through not only their personal lives but their work lives as well.  

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