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Coaching Challenging Goals

Challenging Work or Personal Goals 

As part of my coaching, I provide 2 to 3 sessions where I will teach you how to apply a tool that can help you to minimize the kind of stress that interferes with tackling very challenging behavioral goals in your work or personal life.  A little bit of stress can keep you motivated and can serve you in positive ways.  However, when a goal becomes too challenging, which only you can assess, that is when the avoidance and procrastination cycle begins.  When this happens it is a telltale sign that your stress is no longer working for you but against you.  And, the lense that your looking through to gather information to make decisions about your goal becomes very negatively distorted.  It's no wonder we get stopped in our tracks.  

Through the education piece of the coaching, I teach you how to take these kinds of goals or improvement areas  that are giving you trouble and remove the culprit.  
The tool that helps you to remove the culprit was developed from one of the most well researched techniques to acheiving change in the behavioral sciences arena and is now used in business because it works.   It is called Cogntive Behavioral Coaching.  It allows you remove the distorted lense so that you can see much more clearly.

I have seen the benefits of using this tool with work place goals such as reacting more patiently with peers, increasing comfort levels with presentations, business development, networking, completing reports on time, socializing at company functions, being more communicative and the list goes on.  

This method can be taught in two  45 - minute segments.  

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