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Coaching Caregivers of Children and Parents

Caregivers can find themselves in the role of providing care, or having to advocate on a loved one's behalf, either for a child with special needs or an aging parent, or even for yourself, at any time.  When we are in this role our other responsibilities do not just go away, and this can get quite stressful. Providing support, coordinating care for ourselves or someone else, navigating treatment options, talking to doctors, finding services, and much much more.  Feeling overwhelmed seems to go along with the territory.

My own personal experience, being in this role several times as a parent and a daughter, gives me a special understanding of the mountain that must be climbed when in this role. Having a plan of action to address areas such as the following can help to reduce stress and help you to feel more grounded. Sometimes we are fortuneate to have the support of others while on this journey and othertimes not.  Having the space for thinking things through and a plan to address the following can help to reduce stress and be more effective.

Together we cn address the following areas and much more: 1) how you will be with your loved one, especially when feeling tired, 2) figuring out the world of resources, 3) how to communicate with the medical community -- for medical related issues  4) how to advocate for a chid in the school system, 5) summoning persistance, 6) understanding your own feelings, 7) taking care of yourself, and more.

I can help coach you through this trying time.  Together we can proactively take the steps to address the many complex areas that emerge when in this role and put together a plan of action.

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