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About Me

 I was born and raised in New England.  After completing my college degree in business, my desire was to experience life on the West Coast.  I was fortunate enough to find a job in Los Angeles, where I wanted to live and work.  Life in Califormnia   exceeded my expectations and will always be among my favorite places to be.

My work in Los Angeles was in a corporate environment for a fortune 50 company for more than a decade.  Working in a large organization, I became very observant of peoples behavior and curious about the motivation behind peoples behavior, including myself!  I found this fascinating.  This led me to pursue a degree in psychology.  I later completed an MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University and continued my education at the  University of Florida where I received an Ed.S., degree in counseling.

Prior to settling in Atlanta, I practiced counseling in a solution-focused counseling practice located in Washington, D.C.  I learned from my expereince there how, given the right tools, people can make dramatic changes in their lives.  The practice I worked in specialized in what is called a cogntive behavioral approach to change.  I am certified in this approach and the tenets of CBT are taught and used in business today.

My introduction to coaching was through my continuing education of the emergence of positive psychology.  I'm an advocate for knowing and using your strengths, a signficant contribution to the field of coaching and positive psychology.  Upon reflection, it was my strength of creativity that enabled me to work where I wanted.  

Positive psychology has also taught me how influential your mindset is in everything you do, and there are well researched  practices to acheive your goals.  I continue to be a student of the research based on positive psychology approaches.  

Through coaching,  I have been able to merge my business and psychology experiences.  I bring a unique perspective and many resources to my clients.  My goal is to share them with you. 

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